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    In 2002 Action for Arts Trust Ltd became a registered charity. Since then we've raised funding to support numerous participatory arts projects in Wales and England, including theatre touring, live music events, feature film production, training and mentoring programmes, creative industry employment schemes, and work experience opportunities for several thousand people.



    We deliver projects for:

    • connecting local communities 
    • creative education and cultural enrichment
    • tackling bullying, racial discrimination and prejudice
    • reducing isolation,marginalisation, and loneliness
    • healing and therapeutic purpose
    • rehabilitation and re-integration 
    • increased confidence, social and employability skills


    The Arts & Young People

    One of our priority areas is working with young people, particularly those who are seeking a career in the creative industries. We provide support to enable emerging talent to develop and find their individual career path. Engaging in the arts unlocks an individual's talents; fosters aspiration and achievement; and empowers young people to acknowledge and celebrate their cultural heritage.



    We provide career networking opportunities, along with careers advice, to enable the person to progress their ambitions. Our engagement programmes help develop transferable skills for employability including communication, problem solving, team work, entrepreneurship and logistics.


    Supporting Arts Business.

    The creative industries play a hugely important role in our societal and cultural development. The creative economy is worth over £85 billion per year to the UK. Our objective is to support arts excellence and help grow the creative economy.


    Our Passion

    We love connecting people with great art. We work collaboratively with artists, directors and producers to provide exciting new projects that help to raise the profile of the arts at regional, national and international level.


    Our projects involve these arts mediums:

    • Music
    • Film
    • Photography
    • Theatre
    • Dance
    • Creative Writing
    • Digital Design

    We love working with both established and emerging talent. We develop creative projects to increase employment opportunities, whilst promoting quality arts experiences to a broad spectrum of audiences.


    Contact Us: info@actionforarts.org.uk

    FB: facebook.com/actionforartsHQ/





  • Current Opportunities

  • Our Achievements

    Supported UK Feature Film Production

    Created 285 new jobs in media, design and performing arts

    Provided personal mentoring for people with mental health challenges

    Helped 40 creative business start ups and 2 non profits

    Delivered workshops to over 30,000 people in England and Wales

    Raised funding for over 40 arts and music events

    In conjunction with DWP, delivered pre-employment training to 300 people and helped them find work

    Recruited and trained 500 volunteers

  • Community Wellbeing Strategy

    We deliver health and wellbeing programmes as part of our community development strategy. Our overall aim is to reduce health inequalities and improve community health and wellbeing. Our programmes encourage and support people to design and deliver creative outcomes which tell their stories and voice experiences of living in their particular communities.


    Our vision for this strategy is:

    • to harness people’s unique strengths to create change in their community

    • to hear unheard voices and encourage people to tell their stories in creative ways utilising the arts, dance, music, poetry, performance and other forms

    • to help people broaden their understanding of the concept of creativity

    Many people view being creative as something that they either are or aren’t. We want to encourage people to understand that there are many different ways to be creative, that creativity can be accessed by everyone and applied as a powerful tool for personal and social change.


    We apply learning from established innovative wellbeing approaches including Positive Psychology, social and arts prescribing and asset based community development.


    Our trained professionals use Positive Psychology to help people understand what makes them happy. We employ resources such as ‘the five ways to wellbeing’ where we encourage small simple actions to boost wellbeing and social interaction. We build resilience and unlock potential to work on common goals towards community change. We promote involvement in volunteering and in developing new skills which can improve employability.


    A report by the World Health Organisation in 2019 considering 3000 studies showed the major role that arts projects have in preventing ill health, promoting wellbeing and the management and treatment of illness. Arts on prescription has attracted attention as a way to complement health and social care interventions.


    Isolation and marginalisation is worsening the mental and physical health of thousands who previously were economically inactive. There are also many thousands more who have become economically inactive and isolated as a direct result of the COVID pandemic.


    By working particularly with people who may feel excluded and marginalised we seek to build skills and confidence. We allow them to explore and realise new opportunities, create new social networks and friendships, build resident-led projects and create long lasting community change.


  • #Out of Many Voices Project

    An opportunity for young people 16-25 to learn, explore,

    build confidence, find their own path and unique voice.

    Funded by BIg Lottery Community Fund

  • Our Charity's 19th Year.

    We are raising funding to deliver collaborative projects that focus on:


    • New Collaborations in Music
    • Curated Events and Touring
    • Content Creation for online Broadcast
    • Bringing new writing and production talent to the UK stage
    • Career Development Events for Emerging Creatives
    • Community Health & Wellbeing projects

    Let's Talk 2020 Futures

    A project supported by the Veterans' Foundation focussing on PTSD and complex mental health awareness, and providing support to Veterans who are living with post combat trauma. Providing one to one mentoring, remote learning, friendship and support.




    Covid-19 Emergency Support Project 2020




    Out Of Many Voices

    Supported by a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund

    Delivering a series of workshops across multiple art forms to engage with our local community, providing a platform for positive communication, creative, life and employability skills.


    Young, Gifted and Unheard

    We provide the creative platform for gifted young adults who because of complex social and mental health challenges, are very often hidden and unheard. By offering a safe creative space, we open up significant opportunities to nurture and support, building their confidence and coping strategies so they can develop their talents and feel part of our creative community.






    Expedition To Kosovo - Creative Volunteer Project 2022


    We're fundraising to support our next expedition to Kosovo with a team of creative volunteers and a film crew to make our third visit to the NGO The Ideas Partnership and the community in Fushë Kosovë. The objective is to create volunteer and travel experiences that improve the employability of local young people, whilst offering support to the Ashkali community in Kosovo.



  • Short Courses and One to One Mentoring

    Looking to make life changes, start your career, get a job or become an entrepreneur? We offer training and support to help you on your way.


    Employability and Enterprise Training, with mentoring and practical experience to help you feel more confident and focussed, ready to plan your future in a positive way.

    • We work with small groups - not in large classrooms.
    • We have a team of friendly & experienced, personal development coaches, who listen and give one to one attention.
    • Learn in a relaxed, supportive environment.


    Email us for Further information info@actionforarts.org.uk



  • How We Work

    We collaborate and partner with like minded companies, organisations and individuals to deliver engagement projects. This strategy has proved to be extremely effective for achieving our outcomes, whilst sustaining the charity through fluctuations in the economy and cuts to local and national funding.


    Examples of some of our many successful projects

    Music Buddies

    Managed by a team of young professional musicians, and our Music Buddies Volunteer Support Crew, the aim of the project to empower young people through creativity.


    Project Goals:

    • Self Esteem Building
    • Empowerment
    • Team Work Skills
    • Music Education
    • Coping mechanisms
    • Creative/Artistic Expression
    • Community Responsibility

    With funding support from Gwirvol




    A Home for Elham - Documentary

    A random connection on Facebook leads to an incredible friendship with a family in Kosovo.

    In 2013 Action for Arts sent a film crew and a team of young volunteers with musician Dani Washington, to document the journey he undertook, to meet the little boy, Elham, he connected with through Facebook. We wanted to highlight the plight of a young family suffering extreme poverty and harsh living conditions, in Fushë Kosovë - one of the most downtrodden areas of Europe.

    Our aim, was to gain the attention of the international media, so that we could start raising funds to safely house the Krasniqi family. This story has been one of happiness and heartbreak, we've made friends with the Ideas Partnership an amazing NGO in Kosovo, and linked with some truly remarkable people from around the world, who have joined forces to help the community in Fushë Kosovë.


    We visited for a second time in 2016, to record developments in the community since our first trip to Kosovo. Bringing more volunteers with us this time, who were given the opportunity to visit the Ideas Partnership Community Centre, and meet the young people who participate in the many initiatives and workshops delivered there. It has been an empowering experience for our UK volunteers, seeing life through the eyes of those less fortunate. This has inspired them to be more compassionate and community minded, excel in their studies and work hard to secure sustainable employment.

    Vinyl - Feature Film

    We challenged ourselves to help shoot a feature film in 28 days. Of course we achieved it through the help of our local community, support from Director Sara Sugarman and fabulous crew from LA, New York, San Francisco, London and Wales


    Filmed on location in North Wales and featuring a high profile international cast.

    Action for Arts provided 30 young people from the local community, with employment and training opportunities over the entire 6 months from pre-production to production under the Future Jobs Scheme.


    Vinyl received several international film festival awards, general release in UK cinemas, and aired frequently on Sky Box Office. We are very proud that members of the young cast, have since become internationally successful in film, television, theatre and music.


    Jamie Blackley (The Halcyon) , Alexa Davies (Mama Mia Here We Go Again) and Dani Washington (Neck Deep)


    Click Poster for Trailer

    V Creation

    V Creation offers young creative people age 16-24 the opportunity to join forces and lend their talents and expertise to a range of projects.

    V Creation was made up of a team of people wishing to be part of the creative economy, turning their passion and talent into employment. There were opportunities to work on projects in:

    • Music production & performance
    • Film making
    • Photography
    • Broadcast & Digital media
    • Social Media
    • Graphic Design
    • Journalism
    • Public relations
    • Event management & promotion

    This unique initiative based in the North West, offers the chance to develop creative skills, gain some authentic work experience and training.


    V Television

    Produced by a young people's production team

    Some of the work we produced for V Television the youth led television channel and production team, supported by creative industry mentors.

    V Television Programme Concept

    Producing online content to promote creative entrepreneurs and artists who are just starting out in their careers.

    Away Days

    Music and Arts - One Day and Weekend Events.

    A series of one day and weekend festivals, aimed at promoting tourism both in and out of season, to raise the profile and boost the economy of coastal towns.

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  • Our Trustees

    Paul Bradshaw

    Broadcaster World Wide FM &

    Publisher of Straight No Chaser Magazine


    Martin Williams

    Managing Director of Radar PR


    Simon Edwards

    Programme Curator for

    Dublin, Cork & Edinburgh Film Festival


    Tony Minvielle

    Broadcaster Jazz FM


    Sam Nayar

    North Wales Entrepreneur and Hotelier


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