• Action for Arts


    In 2002 Action for Arts Trust Ltd became a registered charity. Since then we've raised funding to support numerous participatory arts projects in Wales and England, including theatre touring, live music events, feature film production, training and mentoring programmes, creative industry employment schemes, and work experience opportunities for several thousand people.



    We deliver projects for:

    • connecting local communities 
    • creative education and cultural enrichment
    • tackling bullying, racial discrimination and prejudice
    • reducing isolation,marginalisation, and loneliness
    • healing and therapeutic purpose
    • rehabilitation and re-integration 
    • increased confidence, social and employability skills


    The Arts & Young People

    One of our priority areas is working with young people, particularly those who are seeking a career in the creative industries. We provide support to enable emerging talent to develop and find their individual career path. Engaging in the arts unlocks an individual's talents; fosters aspiration and achievement; and empowers young people to acknowledge and celebrate their cultural heritage.



    We provide career networking opportunities, along with careers advice, to enable the person to progress their ambitions. Our engagement programmes help develop transferable skills for employability including communication, problem solving, team work, entrepreneurship and logistics.


    Supporting Arts Business.

    The creative industries play a hugely important role in our societal and cultural development. The creative economy is worth over £85 billion per year to the UK. Our objective is to support arts excellence and help grow the creative economy.


    Our Passion

    We love connecting people with great art. We work collaboratively with artists, directors and producers to provide exciting new projects that help to raise the profile of the arts at regional, national and international level.


    Our projects involve these arts mediums:

    • Music
    • Film
    • Photography
    • Theatre
    • Dance
    • Creative Writing
    • Digital Design

    We love working with both established and emerging talent. We develop creative projects to increase employment opportunities, whilst promoting quality arts experiences to a broad spectrum of audiences.


    Contact Us: info@actionforarts.org.uk

    FB: facebook.com/actionforartsHQ/